Introduction to free casino games with bonus rounds

Online casinos games vary due to their different features, so does their bonus and promotions. Online games offer various and different types of bonus and promotion to players for their enjoyment. There are also some free casino games that offer bonus round to players, which is not very common among casinos but still available. Learn more at online4-casino

Click me bonus rounds.

Bonus rounds are gotten when you spin certain symbols on the reel and can be unlocked after your games on the site. Most free games offer the click me bonus rounds, it is quite simple and direct. When you are done playing your games, you will be taken to another homepage where there are various gifts awaiting you.

  1. The bonus rounds include
  2. welcome bonus

Though it is hidden you just have to click on any gift and whatever it shows is yours to keep forever. Made available are different types of gifts from monetary cash to trips for you and your partner and all other types of gift you could think of. An example of click-me bonus rounds is the Jimi-Hendrix Slot.

Wheel based bonus rounds.

Wheel-based is quite an interesting bonus rounds where you have to spin a wheel and you get to have extra credits. This round starts when various numbers of symbols are seen on the Paylines and then you are good to go. As soon as any player unlocks the bonus feature with several wheel.

They are made known by the sites for their wins. There are various gifts made available for the winners due to an upgraded software's in casinos in this era, all you have to do is win and you never can tell what gift is coming your way. An excellent example of this is the IGT’s Wheel of Fashion.

Arcade style bonus rounds.

The Arcade style bonus rounds is a special one. It is so unique and distinct that it stands out from all bonus rounds games. The software producers did an excellent work on this bonus rounds. Its offers new amazing features and so easy to play. We think its exactly what players need, its refreshing.

This bonus rounds was introduced in the year 2010. This is a bonus rounds where players can be given all sorts of adventure to play and win. Its actually helping players in evaluating their performance and possible wins in games as a whole. An excellent example for this is the platech’s appealing dolphin cash.

Mystery bonus rounds.

The mystery is an outstanding bonus round, kudos to its software producers. They really finished work on it. What we like most about it is the fact that it is very different from all other bonus games. It is something that was developed by thinking entirely outside the box. It first came to be in the year 1997.

  • This bonus can be triggered with deposits

In 1997, the first mystery bonus rounds came to be during Mikohn Gaming when Money Time was introduced, With a lot of amazing features. You should be aware of the fact that it is attached to Multi-Tiered Progressive Jackpots. An example of these bonus rounds is the WMS Gaming Super Jackpot Party bonus

Verdict on free casino games with bonus rounds.

Free casino games are the main bonus for all players, though online casinos offer various bonus and promotions, its all comes with a catch, either you have to deposit or do something else. Not a lot of sites offers free casino games where you don’t have to pay a dime or do something and you can cash out.

You need to go online and check the options available for free casino games before definitely playing at any, and make sure to always read their terms and conditions. Bonus rounds is refreshing to the souls while playing do not forget to relax and enjoy the ride. We hope to see more advanced bonus rounds in the nearest future.